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ORIGINAL ART RETURNS: At TylerDog, we strive to create and produce the best quality products available. All of our ornaments, art, and paintings are created in our studio, supervised by Destiny the Pibble and her sisters, and are hand(paw) made. If any of our original items are damaged when you receive them, we will gladly replace them.

APPAREL RETURNS: Our apparel is custom printed, one-at-a-time, direct-to-garment. This means we have vendors who print and fulfill our orders as they come in to us. Unfortunately, we and our vendors are only human and occasionally an issue may occur! If an problem is the result of an error on our part, we're more than happy to replace your item! Please check our list below to determine if you're eligible for a replacement.

OUR RESPONSIBILITY: If any of the following are wrong with your item, we will take care of it for you. 

  • If the product has a hole, stains, manufacturing defect, or if the image has odd coloring completely different than what was shown when you purchased it (color isn't in register, yellow is blue, red is purple, etc.). We do ask you send us images of any defective product so we can show proof to our vendor.
  • If the printed image is crooked or off-center
  • If the shirt you receive isn't the shirt you ordered (wrong image)
  • If the item you receive is the wrong color, garment, or size from what you ordered
YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: If you ordered the wrong size or the item did not fit to your satisfaction, we DO NOT accept returns given the custom nature of DTG. Please make certain of your size before purchasing.